Benefit of Odoo Field Service Management during a pandemic
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Benefit of Odoo Field Service Management during a pandemic
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What is Field Service?

Any work done by employees of a company outside of its property is called Field Service. Field Service is the work on-site workers execute on the client’s property; it usually covers the installation and maintenance of client equipment, dispatch services, sales calls, customer service and others.

What is Field Service Management software?

Field service management software is a combination of field service management solutions in a system which allows a company to manage, schedule and track the work it’s field agents carry out on the field

What is Odoo Field Service Management?

Odoo Field Service Management software allows companies, line managers and field workers to manage their on-site work for the best and most optimal performance. The Odoo field service management application provides management, tracking, scheduling and sales solutions to a company’s field service needs. From tracking work time, to creating sales invoices, quotations, and designing worksheets, Odoo field service allows you to deliver excellent and timely services to customers and clients.

Features of Odoo Field Service Management

The Odoo Field Service management software is mobile friendly and it offers all the tools you need to manage your on-site work from a single application. With a fast user interface designed for modern project management, you can get all the information you need wherever you need it, leaving you with no need to switch from one app to another at each step of your workflow. 

It is also connected to many other Odoo apps and makes your data entry easier, faster and less time consuming.

Multi-Project Management

With Odoo Field Service Management, you can manage as many projects and teams as possible from a single application and from any location. You can also define specific settings for each project, and get separate reports. This feature is particularly useful to manage multiple teams or locations. 

Time Tracking

.Track your employee working time directly from the task’s menu with the integrated timer which allows you time on-site workers on a particular project, allows you see worker availability, and helps you manage employees schedule and assignments to avoid overlaps. You can also invoice it automatically. 

Planning and Organizing tasks

With the Odoo planning feature, you can Organize all your tasks and make sure your on-site shifts are correctly planned. You can View your next appointments on a map, get more information by clicking on a task, directly find the itinerary, manage unassigned tasks easily and assign them by simply dragging -and-dropping. 
And display your schedule in Gantt and Calendar views by day, week, or month.
While scheduling tasks, you will get a warning if multiple tasks are scheduled at the same time for an employee.
Create Tasks from Sales Orders

With the sales orders feature, Tasks generated from Sales Orders (SO) directly refer to the delivery address of the customer. Define a default warehouse per employee and add tracked products by lot or serial numbers to tasks.

You can also add salable products with a single tap.

Fast quotations and instant Invoices

With the customer portal, you can create a polished quote in seconds using the predefined products, price lists, payment terms, and quotation templates. View and manage tasks, quotations, and invoices.

And create draft invoices directly from the task’s form which are automatically prefilled with the tracked working time and all the products.


Create task and worksheet reports and all kinds of reports for your tasks based on the measures, filters, and time ranges that you want. Get reports based on the worksheet templates used in the reports by using beautiful bar charts, line charts, or pie charts to display your reports.

Benefit of Odoo Field Service Management during lockdown

As we go through challenging times in this pandemic with concerns of growth from businesses, there is a great need for businesses to embrace tools which provide easy remote working services, promote collaborations among teams, ensure efficient delivery of services and scheduling and tracking of employees' work process.

According to this article published by Technology Advice on Field Service Management software, although the FSM market value is expected to estimate around 5.59 billion dollars by 2023, the majority of FSM solutions are on premise. This means that even for a field service management tool, most of the available software remains immobile with minimal cloud deployment.

 The Odoo field service management software is completely cloud based with mobile friendly features which provides customers, employees and on-site workers real time data and visibility on the various status of their tasks, sales and deliveries. All these business solutions offer optimal field service management during this pandemic and from the amazing list of features listed above, it is clear that with Odoo, your field service management needs are covered.

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Benefit of Odoo Field Service Management during a pandemic
erpSOFTapp Website Admin
4 December, 2020
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