Best Odoo collaborative tools for remote work
13 October, 2020 by
Best Odoo collaborative tools for remote work
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Over the past few months, lots of businesses and individuals who failed to implement or acknowledge the power of technological changes across their day to day operations have had to adjust and adapt to working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Global workplace analytics estimates that by 2021, there’ll be an increase of about 25 to 30% in the work from home workforce. This means that companies and individuals would have to increase their search for technological tools or software which not only helps remote and collaborative work within teams, but also software with multifunctional and integrated features. Before we go further, let’s understand what collaborative tools are and the types of collaborative tools used by businesses for remote working.

What are oDOO collaborative tools?

Collaborative tools are software applications designed to allow people to perform tasks, undertake projects, or get remote work done together. It's usually assumed that most people who use collaboration tools do so because they’re not in the same physical space even though that might not be true. The world has fast evolved into an ecosystem of time saving options in so many ways that you’d rather send your teammate an email or instant message rather than getting up from your desk and walking over to a teammates desk to get clarity on a project you’re both working on.

Types of collaborative tools for remote working

Communicative tools for remote work

Communication collaborative tools allow two or more users to communicate through instant messaging or chat groups from anywhere in the world. A good communicative collaboration tool should be easy to use across different platforms and devices.

Conferencing collaborative tools for remote work

Conferencing collaborative tools  for remote work has gained even more ground due to the coronavirus outbreak, all kinds of businesses, from start ups to small and large have over the past year, made use of one form of conferencing collaborative tool or another simply because they allow multiple users hold meetings and presentations in real time, have shared screen features which helps employees and teams in editing, sharing documents or apps and reviewing documents tasks at the same time.

Coordinative collaborative tools for remote work

Coordinative resource tools are tools which integrate across a business’s multiple functions so easily, that its users use technological software to perform day to day tasks and coordinate various teams and business operations efficiently. A perfect example of a coordinated collaborative tool would be Odoo. As a suite of open source enterprise resource planning software, Odoos main responsibility is the coordination of business operations using technology. At the same time, these odoo tools help teams collaborate remotely by Scheduling Activities to aid workflow, ensuring Effective collaboration on tasks for all your projects across the various applications to increase productivity. Some of these tools include:

Odoo ERP Document Management

With Odoo document manager, you can manage your documents in their various formats including thumbnails for YouTube videos. And with the integration of the documents for some apps, you can manage access rights for all users.

Odoo ERP SMS Integration

The SMS feature can be used as a tool in your communication strategy for a large number of consumers while being able to choose contacts as recipients and customize your message in a way that resonates with them. It can also be used for marketing campaigns to notify you of delivery orders.

Odoo ERP Discuss channels

Odoo discuss channel is a great tool for  organizing discussions between individual teams, departments, projects, or any other group which requires regular communication. By having conversations everyone in the channel can see, it’s easy to keep the whole team in the loop with the latest developments.

Odoo ERP Instant messaging

Get instant email notification from your activities on Odoo from all apps and access them with a click of a button. This ensures effective communication and swift execution of your processes. You can use channels to organize discussions between individual teams, departments, projects, or any other group that requires regular communication. By having conversations that everyone in the channel can see, it’s easy to keep the whole team in the loop with the latest developments.

 Odoo ERP collaborative pad

Odoos collaborative pad, which is an extension of odoo project, a collaborative tool itself is a note which allows users to contribute to tasks in real time with several others. Users can also use their color and replay their entire process of their content creation.

Jitsi online meeting

Jitsi is an online video conferencing tool where you can join or schedule video conferences with just a single click and protect your meetings with passwords. It also supports recurring meetings and is integrated with your email so you might get meeting invites and passwords easily. It also has no dependencies on other odoo apps so you can simply install the model, set up or join a meeting and collaborate with your team or employees.


Best Odoo collaborative tools for remote work
erpSOFTapp Website Admin
13 October, 2020
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