ERP is 90% management and 10% technology
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ERP is 90% management and 10% technology
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The landscape for all companies has shifted dramatically in the first half of 2020 and executives need to reassess and react in a timely manner during this period to improve their operations and maximise productivity for their business.

The key to being nimble and efficient will be governed by a coherent digital transformation strategy that should move the business to a higher performance level.
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Companies that still approach Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations and perceive it to be a technology led initiative should take a step back and question the objectives of what the implementation of an ERP means to them.

One of the biggest reasons Enterprise Resource Planning implementations fail is the objectives set are not tracked and controlled when the project is underway to ensure that the end deliverable matches the direction that has been set.

With the increasing reliance of companies embracing cloud management systems such as an Enterprise Resource Planning system and the evolution of the remote working environment with technological tools to increase communication, ERP's that excel will be able to enable workflow and reporting capabilities to be integral to the flow of business operations.

By their nature ERP systems are complex and the selection process for companies must make sure that the Enterprise Resource Planning system selected is user friendly, easy to use and flexible to mould to your operations otherwise in the long term your business risks being constrained by the system.

Ongoing licensing and cloud costs of course are also a factor.

Coupled with ongoing changes within the mode of working and the shift in certain markets, executives not implementing a digital transformation centric approach within their current roadmap are living on borrowed time.


ERP is 90% management and 10% technology
erpSOFTapp Administrator
1 August, 2020
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