ERP Trends 2020
Cloud ERP momentum continues
2 January, 2020 by
ERP Trends 2020
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson

CLOUD Enterprise Resource planning SYSTems 

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Odoo CMS - a big picture
The momentum continues to build with more companies adopting cloud Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

The benefits of using a Cloud ERP system to bridge the gap for companies with legacy systems to the digital age by is becoming a reality for companies looking to improve their operational landscape.

Within the various tiers of the Enterprise Resource Planning market a behemoth like SAP has a deadline of 2025 to stop supporting client systems that are not on their SAP / HANA database which is cloud focused.

Oracle with their fusion product have clearly stated their goal is to gain momentum with focusing all their ERP stack to be cloud focused.

The pace of innovation and changes within the Enterprise Resource Planning market is fuelled by the move into the cloud which is becoming the de-facto standard for companies to justify why this path is not a core part of their ongoing strategy over the next few years.

Over the next year expect the below areas to continue to crystallise into real world solutions for companies to drive their technological landscape and roadmap as the 4th industrial revolution continues to materialise.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things IoT
  • Business Intelligence
  • Blockchain
The previous preserve of the Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning market only being able to serve businesses with turnovers of $30m plus by expensive packages such as those by the long standing players in this market place has been shattered by the true cloud providers like Workday, Odoo and Netsuite.

Business leaders should look closely and align their digital strategy to encompass a central true cloud ERP system at the heart of their operations to evolve into the digital age. The risk of overlooking the technological advantage a Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning system brings into their operations to drive their business forwards can open them up to the danger of aspects of their business running inefficiently in relation to the marketplace with the obvious downside on margins.

The benefits of being able to run all aspects of your operations in an ERP cloud system with the lower Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the investment across operations and lower IT costs is harder to ignore for corporate entities.

Drive your business forwards with your ERP
ERP Trends 2020
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
2 January, 2020
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