erpSOFTapp ERP Project Implementation Tips for Clients
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17 March, 2018 by
erpSOFTapp ERP Project Implementation Tips for Clients
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson

Enterprise Resource Planning System implementation project

Enterprise resource planning project implementation tips

Any business undertaking the implementation of an ERP system must do the following aspects to give themselves a better chance of a successful project.

  • Empower your employees before you select an implementation partner. Make them part of the process improvement and wish list gathering phase. They have to live with the system.
  • Allocate a dedicated internal project manager to gather your key internal requirements from each department.
  • Your internal project manager has a key role to play and must take charge of the implementers and the internal requirements to ensure that the delivery is successful.
  • Most clients try to place someone in this role in a part time capacity over the cause of the implementation with varying levels of success.
  • Evaluate at least 3 products before deciding which one is the best fit for you across cost, licenses, technological benefits, mobile, user friendliness, adaptability, scalability, platform evolution etc, and any other measures you have.
  • Select at least 3 implementation partners who are experts in deploying that specific system. Do not select a team that professes to deploy any kind of Enterprise Resource Planning system. You will be their guinea pig!
  • Talk to existing customers of the implementer to gauge their experience with the implementer¬† from project inception to delivery and post live support.
  • Avoid one man band companies with an expert who claims to be able to implement your business with just 2 people across technical and business functions. This is doomed to fail.
  • No Enterprise Resource Planning implementation is complete without covering all the financial processes the whole objective is real time operational financial figures to enable management to make informed business decisions.

Businesses looking to improve their operations can save themselves a lot of headache by ticking off the list above before embarking on a project.


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erpSOFTapp ERP Project Implementation Tips for Clients
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
17 March, 2018
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