GDPR Legislation and Why it matters to you

ERP delivery with data protection

In Europe GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation came into force on the 25th May 2018.

This legislation is meant to protect individuals from having their data used in a manner by businesses without the owners consent and there are strict penalty rules in place for businesses that do not comply.

Why is GDPR important? 
With the proliferation of data and organisations using personal data in a certain manner it is important for governments and regulators to protect individuals from abuse of their data.

When companies undertake an implementation of an ERP system they also hand over company sensitive data to their implementation partner to be able to deliver their system to run their operations.

erpSOFTapp have safeguards and compliance rules internally to restrict access to company data to only the individuals that need to see this data in the course of delivering client ERP systems.

erpSOFTapp DO NOT and never use sub contracted staff within our core business areas to deliver a project for clients that means they will come into contact with client confidential data.

Think about the level of sensitive information that you expose to your implementation partner, can you guarantee they have the right employees in place to not sub contract work to external parties that might open the door to your confidential data being abused. Even worse exposed to a competitor.

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