Global Companies run multiple ERP systems

Guess what alternative more and more choose to deploy

The top tier of the ERP market is dominated by SAP and Oracle.
These companies have offerings in the SME space but lets not kid ourselves you will still be looking at $100,000's in total investment over a 5 year period.

Many of the worlds top firms use SAP and Oracle and have grown with these systems over the years.

Interestingly enough quite a few of these firms understand the limitations of these packages other than cost and opt for using a completely separate ERP system in subsidiaries or operations in other countries than continue to sink millions of dollars on these complex traditional systems.

Thats not to say SAP and Oracle have not evolved and continue to, they do but the price is still way beyond the reach of most businesses.

That's where Odoo Enterprise comes in.

erpSOFTapp have successful implementations for global companies who prefer a more modern, mobile, cost effective, user friendly solution like Odoo Enterprise and have realised that the need for an ERP with a sensible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that delivers the functionality at a fraction of the cost of the main players is a sensible approach, no matter how deep their pockets are!

Any business not looking at what advantages a system like Odoo Enterprise has over the traditional ERP's should take a closer look.