How cloud ERP supports business Innovation
Innovation paves way for the future
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How cloud ERP supports business Innovation
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The ability to innovate within a business and embed best practices is key to gaining and sustaining market share, Cloud ERP provides this advantage for companies invested in upscaling and innovation.

What is cloud ERP?

Clouds, in technical terms, are servers hosted and accessed over the internet. Whatever database or information you can access from any device or location or store without needing a specific on-premise hosting device like a laptop, phone or computer is a cloud. 

The cloud is simply the internet. 

Enterprise Resource Planning is a suite of software which integrates across multiple functions and allows you to operate and perform everyday business tasks such as inventory tracking, “accounting e-commerce, sales” with purchasing and general business operations management. 

In essence Cloud ERP is a suite of Enterprise Resource Planning software hosted on the cloud and accessed via the internet on any device from anywhere. This is also known as SaaS (Software as a Service)

What makes cloud ERP more incredible than traditional on-premise ERPs is that it makes data accessible regardless of device or location, promotes workforce flexibility and encourages collaboration across different departments

Components of a good cloud ERP

When implementing Cloud ERP or moving your business from on premise to the Cloud , one of the key questions you must ask your software provider should be can they provide solutions to my peculiar business problems and would it suit my business environment or culture?  These questions are quite important especially for non-traditional businesses with unique environments and cultures. It is not enough for business owners and stakeholders to make up their minds, they must be certain that a cloud ERP is right for their business and that with time, it would be a good tool to enhance their profit margins. 

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Accounting and Financial Management Module

  • Inventory Management

  • Human Resource and Business Management

  • Point of Sale

  • Project Management

  • Manufacturing Management

  • Warehouse Management and a lot more.

Why cloud ERP beats on-premise ERP

On premise ERP software needs to be physically installed and housed in a company. As the name suggests, On-premise implies premise, location or space. They are mostly installed and maintained by a company’s IT department, cost more to maintain, upgrade and secure. In contrast, cloud ERP software requires less physical storage space, is hosted and managed by the vendor and provides the best form of accessibility for your business data.

How cloud ERP supports business Innovation

The ability to innovate within a business and embed best practices is key to gaining and sustaining market share.

Efficiencies are achieved within businesses by removing a whole layer of bureaucracy which in most businesses starts from manual process and spreadsheets.

Odoo ERP is cost effective, True cloud and has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership over the lifespan of the investment in relation to other Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

When core business functions operate more easily and with optimal access to business data, it leaves room for innovative ideas and growth. Cloud ERP also supports collaboration on a large scale. When businesses operate under a collaborative environment, it gives employees the time, space and tools to provide creative and sustainable solutions to business problems. With cloud ERP, employees, managers and clients or customers interact and collaborate on issues, this promotes easy access to enterprise data to make informative decisions.

Cloud ERP also provides real time reporting and visibility as relevant information or data can be accessed from any device and from anywhere. Whether it is goods availability or warehousing capacity, Cloud ERP helps you monitor business transactions in real time, creating time and space for quick thinking and faster decision making, all these processes support innovation on a large scale.

In essence, Cloud ERP represents more accountability, easy accessibility and sustains a collaborative innovative driven environment.

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How cloud ERP supports business Innovation
erpSOFTapp Website Admin
16 November, 2020
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