How Odoo Grades Partners
25 September, 2021 by
How Odoo Grades Partners
Ese Nikori

Odoo Partners

Odoo has a very detailed scoring system for evaluating partners. The purpose of that score is to determine which partners are the most committed to Odoo.

Odoo has a reputation to maintain which is primarily focused on the customer having an optimal experience with running their operations on an ERP. 

Partners who wish to join the Odoo partner program have to operate with a commitment to quality and a professionalism approach to transforming companies.

To be a partner in Odoo, one needs to focus on clear communication, strong levels of support, and encourage customer loyalty. 

Odoo ensures that partners meet these requirements by grading them on their ability to manage and successfully implement a business led digital transformation program and unwavering professionalism to serve customers.

The partner program is designed to assess whether you are providing added value to your clients. Here's an overview of how the assessment is conducted.

Odoo Partners Grade

  • Gold Partners

The certificate of a Gold-level Odoo Partner identifies a company with real commitment. Gold Partners offer a unique value proposition to customers, with both an in-depth competence in Odoo ERP deployments and expertise in undertaking a digital transformation with an ERP centric approach for clients.

The Odoo Gold partners are the ERP deployment experts, system integrators and professional services companies that have met the highest requirements for successful high quality project deployments functionally and technically.

While one of the many qualities that make Odoo special is the focus on customer satisfaction, Gold Partners are fully focused on delivering a quality service to clients and assist companies for the long term as they evolve to maximise to the platform.

Gold Partners are required to have at least 3 consultants qualified on the most current versions of Odoo. This certification is awarded by Odoo once the consultants have completed the certification examination and is a clear differentiator to ensure clients are guaranteed the right advice and solutions on the platform.

Gold partners display the highest retention rates with existing clients.

  • Silver Partners

Odoo Silver Partners are the number two partners after Gold Partners. They are also very important for Odoo. This is because they are authorised to train Odoo users in their country, to take over the technical maintenance, and to sell services on-demand to their customers. They also get prominent placement on the Partner page on

Customer Retention rate is required but at a lower level. The Customer Retention Rate is an indicator of how committed the partners services are to continuously offer the right level of support to companies functionally and technically as they evolve and grow with new business requirements.

Number of certifications required are 2 consultants to be certified on the most recent versions of Odoo

  • Ready Partners

Ready Odoo partners are partners that already have satisfactory experience in Odoo. They are certified in the software and with a clear vision of how to work with Odoo. Ready partners are selected by Odoo, analyzing the experience of each one.

Customer Retention rate is required but at a lower level

Number of certifications required is 1 consultant to be certified on the most recent versions of Odoo

What Makes erpSOFTapp Consultants the Best Odoo Consultant for your ERP Implementation?

erpSOFTapp has been the market leader in the Odoo ERP Business Applications vertical consistently since 2015. erpSOFTapp´s success can be attributed to its highly motivated, performance driven, customer-centric team, committed to deliver quality services with high standards.

As a Gold Partner, erpSOFTapp has over 20 years of experienced business and systems professionals. Over the years, erpSOFTapp's staff has acquired extensive experience in the management of ERP solutions.

With a long history of working for many companies, in Nigeria, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, Switzerland and Ghana, erpSOFTapp has built a reputation for quality and integrity. 

Our customers include such well-known corporations as; Institute of directors (IoD) Nigeria (Governance), CBI Ghana (cement manufacturing industry), SoFresh Nigeria (Quick Service Restaurants), BCL Construction and Civil Engineering, EBM Systems Nigeria (aluminium manufacturer).

Final Note 

So far, Odoo has awarded erpSOFTapp consultants with the title of best consulting partner in Africa 2018 and 2019. 

erpSOFTapp has been an Odoo Gold Partner since 2017 and is the Premier partner in West Africa and amongst only 3% of partners worldwide to have achieved certifications on more than 3 Versions of Odoo.

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How Odoo Grades Partners
Ese Nikori
25 September, 2021
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