Maximise your ERP Investment
Choose your partner well
24 July, 2019 by
Maximise your ERP Investment
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
Well done as a corporate company you've managed to survive an Enterprise Resource Planning implementation and you should be experiencing instant benefits with less bureaucracy, more controls, timely processing of information and a near real time position of your financial position.

The post implementation phase of an ERP system typically can take anywhere from 2 months and as much as 6 months this is largely dependent on a number of factors

  • How closely did the initial program scope and deliverables match what was actually expected?
  • Have process flows agreed at the beginning of the program changed internally and require revisions?
  • Quality of the Implementing partner to have qualified and experienced consultants with subject matter experts across the application suite. 
  • Do not be fooled, you cannot get the depth of knowledge from a single consultant acting as a Business, Finance and Technical expert all at the same time. This reliance equates to you as a corporate company making the wrong long term decision for how your system will be able to evolve and invariable costs more to get it right further down the line.
  • Ability of the Implementation partner to be there for the long term journey as your system evolves. Ensure that you do the initial legwork correctly to identify the right implementation partner to maximise your Enterprise Resource Planning Investment.
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Maximise your ERP Investment
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
24 July, 2019
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