Odoo 15 Unveiling: What’s New?
11 October, 2021 by
Odoo 15 Unveiling: What’s New?
Ese Nikori

Odoo 15 Unveiling

Odoo version 15 was just released. Odoo has unveiled this new version in the just concluded Odoo experience 2021. It is packed with many great new features and improvements.

The new version 15.0 of Odoo, opens up new horizons for users, for business owners and developers. Version 15 shows how Odoo is constantly innovating to help more than half a million companies grow.

The latest version released— Odoo 15 maintains a high level of integration between multi-channel sales, powerful Point of Sale (POS), effective collaboration tools, integrated real-time reporting tools, electronic invoicing, etc.

Here’s a list of our best new features for Odoo 15:

Odoo 15: What’s New In Odoo Version 15

  • Work Collaboration ⁣

Easily contact teammates via video conferencing directly from the application!

Forget about using external applications to contact your colleagues when you need to make a video call. Odoo is proud to present this new feature that will allow you to communicate through video conferencing solutions directly from your Odoo application.

  • Monitor Manufacturing Activities ⁣

Create manufacturing orders, know which is ready, confirm it and get reports instantly. You can also give orders in steps to your manufacturers. Once an instruction is done, they can switch to the next instructions.⁣

  • Better Transparency⁣

Directly review project report from the application. Access timesheets and see invoice details, directly access timesheets and see the details of hours spent.⁣

  • Artificial Intelligence Powered Website Builder⁣

Answer specific questions about your objectives and preferences. Choose preferred features and proceed to choose your favorite theme. You can then modify image shapes and customize them to your taste. Your fabulous website is ready in the shortest time possible!⁣

The websites are automatically optimized accordingly for both e-commerce and regular business websites.⁣

Note: The website builder is 35% faster than Odoo 14⁣

  • Email Marketing ⁣

Create different variations of emails to recipients.⁣ Whether you want to create a marketing campaign, reward your customers or just send a special message to your clients, the Odoo mailing module is one of the most powerful in the software.

  • New POS Service install ⁣

Having a POS (point of sale) system integrated with Odoo makes it easy to perform all sorts of tasks ranging from inventory management and accounting to ordering and shipping. 

-Get product information in one click. ⁣

-You can easily configure your products. ⁣

-Good roundup feature for cash payment.⁣

-Ship later⁣

-Reprint old invoice ⁣

-Allows recording and confirmation of down payment.⁣

-Connect your POS to your barcode scanner, scan a product and the system features the receipt. ⁣

-It allows Multi orders receipt ⁣

-New inventory labels ⁣

-Repair service quotation for damaged products.⁣

-Automatic email for customer retrieval and generated record of repair cost.⁣

  • Warehouse feature⁣

-Scan a product and filter receipts ⁣

-Place identification and scan. It is easier with a QR code. ⁣

-Workers then know details of the products e.g where to place them.⁣

-It comes with a product locator to help best organize products.

Watch Odoo Version 15 unveiling here.

Why Choose Odoo ERP?

Odoo is a great choice for users who want a scalable business software with open source philosophy. It is a good option for small, medium and large enterprises that want affordable business software with powerful features. It's packed with features that are easy to understand and make it easy for your employees to use the available tools. 

Smaller businesses tend to have difficulties with managing their inventory, customer database, employee information, etc. Odoo ERP is an integrated suite that has all of these components, enabling companies to manage their business easily.

With Odoo you depend on a trusted and growing community, which provides you with all the necessary tools to optimize your business processes, in an effective and practicable way.

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Odoo 15 Unveiling: What’s New?
Ese Nikori
11 October, 2021
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