Odoo Experience 2021: Register for Free
16 September, 2021 by
Odoo Experience 2021: Register for Free
Ese Nikori

Odoo Experience 2021

Odoo ERP is the leading Open Source business application. On October 6th and 7th, get immersed in two days of training, consulting sessions, Q&A and networking with Odoo experts and Business Partners.

Constantly innovating to reach new levels of automation and integration, Odoo is driving digital transformation across businesses of all sizes around the globe. 

At this special event, you will learn about the shift that is currently happening in the ERP market and get expert insight on the trends shaping your business. The goal of this conference is to present the experience gained by the Odoo team in developing, maintaining and improving the Odoo open source ERP. 

Dozens of expert consultants will be hosting sessions on key topics like:

  • A sneak peak of what’s to come with Odoo v15.

  • Hands-on demos to try the latest version of Odoo software.

  • What’s new in Accounting

  • What’s new in Social Marketing 

  • Marketing Flows: Generating Leads From Multiple Sources

  • Manage Leads More Efficiently with Odoo CRM

  • How to onboard a large Consultant Team remotely: The experience of this training will be an approach to how Odoo deployment for consultants can be implemented. Here, you will learn how to create, train and motivate a large remote team.

  • Ask me anything (AMA) sessions: The event will feature an online AMA session for you to ask your questions to the Odoo team directly.

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Odoo Experience 2021: What is Odoo Experience?

Odoo Experience is a new way to learn and connect about Odoo, it's modules and technologies through live sessions. It is the largest event in the Odoo ecosystem and is dedicated to Odoo users and partners. The event is organized by the Odoo community of professionals. It is an event by Odoo, that’ll help you get started and build your business. 

The Odoo team is incredibly excited to bring together top experts and partners of Odoo to teach you how you can use Odoo technology to transform your business!

erpSOFTapp is a Gold Partner in Nigeria that can help you progress your digital transformation and will be on hand during the event to answer any of your questions you can contact them here

https://erpsoftapp.com/contactus or on live chat during the conference just go to www.erpsoftapp.com

The 2021 segment features a 2-day free online event that takes place between October 6th and 7th. Hosting partners and Odoo account managers will be giving live demos and showing real examples of how customers and partners use Odoo to transform their business.

Why Attend The Program?

Businesses look forward to adopting innovative software solutions which can help them operate efficiently and grow faster. Interact with top speakers at the unique one-day event where you will be introduced to exciting new tools and services created specifically for your needs. 

Learn how to be more productive with the latest version of Odoo ERP. Both existing and new customers are looking to learn about the latest versions available and ways to be more productive with it.  This will be an opportunity for both existing customers and new users to interact with senior executives from different companies who are using Odoo for their business.

This summit will give you the latest insight, improvements, best use cases and share what's in Odoo's plans for the year.

Click here to register to learn how Odoo ERP can change your business. This event will be a unique opportunity to plunge into the ERP of the future.

Register for Odoo Experience October 6th-7th to:

→ Meet customers and partners from all around the world on stage, to know their key success factors and challenges

→ Learn how Odoo has been helping them achieve their business goals

→ Share your own experience with the community, teach on a live session or present a case study during the summit.

How will Odoo ERP change the way you do business?

Odoo is a business management suite designed to help your company run on a day-to-day basis. It covers all the areas of running a small or medium sized business: Accounting, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Project Management + more. It can be easily adapted to the needs of your business thanks to its flexibility and ease of use interface.

Odoo is one of the most popular software for business worldwide. Odoo has partners all over the world including Nigeria. View partners 

Erpsoftapp is an Odoo Gold partner in Nigeria. We have good Odoo consulting and development experience as well as solid Odoo software expertise. If you’re looking to integrate Odoo into your company, go to the top guys in Africa. ERPsoftapp consultants will put your company ahead of your competitor’s in all areas of marketing.

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Odoo Experience 2021: Register for Free
Ese Nikori
16 September, 2021
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