Odoo Version 12 is coming
Why Odoo continuously gives companies the edge
11 August, 2018 by
Odoo Version 12 is coming
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
With the release of Odoo Version 12 in October 2018 at the Odoo experience in Belgium, Odoo moves the bar higher with new features that will be added to the product in an ongoing release cycle that moves the bar higher each year for a modern, user friendly, mobile responsive ERP system.

  • New IoT Box
  • Bank Reconciliation Threshold
  • New Barcode UI
  • Multi Website
  • AI and ML Tools
  • Report Designer
  • Better Project Planning
  • Performance Boost
  • OCR for Bills
  • Sales Lead Generator

New features such as IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities that will enable companies to tap into the new technologies of tomorrow and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) aspects will bring a certain level of sophistication to a product early than the preserves of the big traditional players to increase productivity.

Traditional ERP's such as SAP, Microsoft, SAGE X3, Oracle will all of course continue to adapt to embrace new technologies but they will take years to release products with the new technologies capabilities and when they do and in some cases now Oracle, SAP and Microsoft have new technologies including blockchain solutions for companies but with hefty price tags. Think hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars depending on your company size taking a 3 year Total Cost of ownership (TCO) view.

It is the ability of Odoo to evolve quicker and break through the inaccessible price barriers of the traditional systems for companies that makes Odoo the fastest growing Business ERP system.

Come and join the Odoo experience in Belgium and see close hand why companies small and large choose Odoo.

Odoo Experience Belgium 3-5 Oct 2018

Find out how erpSOFTapp can move your business into the new world without breaking the bank
Odoo Version 12 is coming
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
11 August, 2018
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