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What is one of the biggest issues faced by owners when doing business?

Time spent with bureaucracy?
Inefficient end to end task completion?

Loss of time, means..Loss of first mover advantage...Loss of opportunities...

If it was all revenue generating activities you would quantify the end game in relation to the amount of effort and do the time with the hope you will have a successful conclusion. What if the loss of time is due to internal processing?

How many sales leads started in 6 months are still in the pipeline and have progressed?
What stage is the latest recruitment campaign?
What maintenance and servicing contracts are due for renewal within the next 3 months for your facilities?

You might have a well drilled manual process internally.
What is the effect on your business when an employee resigns? Can they walk away with business sensitive information?
What manual records do they have that you have visibility on?

Why not address the aspects you have control over to enhance your competitive advantage.
You do not need to overspend on traditional expensive packages to achieve a certain internal structure to improve your organisation.

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