Remote working why your ERP is central
Can you afford not to adapt
1 April, 2020 by
Remote working why your ERP is central
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remote working with enterprise resource planning systems

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Odoo CMS - a big picture
The COVID-19 pandemic has enforced the mantra that business leaders cannot ignore digitisation of their operations to prevent being negatively impacted.

This pandemic could take a while to get resolved but one thing is changes the way businesses must think about the long term and what they need to deploy to ensure the ability to work remotely and keep operations flowing.

An Enterprise Resource Planning system like Odoo has additional features that aid collaboration alongside the numerous features and productivity gains available by centralising all operations within the ERP.

  • Messaging and Notes channels similar to slack for collaboration 
  • Notifications and scheduled activities for aiding process workflow
  • Document Management
  • Workflow to aid control points processing
The ability to monitor and approve documents for revenue or expenses within your operations from any location in the world by accessing the Odoo ERP mobile app available from the google playstore (Android) or apple store (IOS) also adds to the flexibility and increases productivity for all employees to address items directly in the Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Board is the time to lay the foundations to move your operations into a cloud ERP system. With a system like Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning with a best in class Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) available you're rapidly running out of excuses.

Remote working with Odoo ERP
Remote working why your ERP is central
erpSOFTapp Administrator
1 April, 2020
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