TOP 5 Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning software selection TIPS
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TOP 5 Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning software selection TIPS
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What is Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning systems refer to a suite of applications used by companies to run daily operations like Accounting, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Warehousing and Customer Relationship Management efficiently.

Why should you implement ERP Software in your business?

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are essential for businesses who wish to remain relevant and maintain a competitive advantage. It provides seamless integration across operations such as Inventory management, Sales, Purchases, eCommerce or Project Management. It is important for businesses with an interest in maintaining a competitive advantage to adopt an ERP as the global business scene continues to evolve digitally to replace complex traditional systems.

How to select an Enterprise Resource Planning system

Below are five factors to consider before choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning Software 

Be critical and selective in your product selection 

While trying to select an enterprise resource system, it’s crucial to avoid being overwhelmed by the multiple ERP systems and vendors out there. Find a vendor whose system provides modern features, is mobile responsive and has a consistent release of upgrades.

Licenses  - How much does application and technical infrastructure cost?

ERP systems are licensed for use, not bought. A license is a waiver or an agreement by the owner of the software and a third party that allows you to do certain things to the software without being subject to copyright or infringement laws.  When selecting an ERP system, it’s important to consider if the system has a database license, the number of users allowed  per year, what type of operating system and software license is required for all users across functions and the vendors annual maintenance costs.

Choose the right Implementation Partner

After you have done your research regarding what erp system suits your business, it’s important that you also find the right implementation partner.

Who’s an implementation partner?

In the ERP world, an implementation partner is a reseller, configurator and installer of an ERP system who has leading expertise in configuring systems to suit a company's peculiar ERP needs.

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Here’s what to consider when choosing an implementation partner:

International experience

When choosing an implementation partner, ensure that the partner of your choice does not offer a standardised system implementation approach, they must tune into and study your business needs to deliver optimal results on the Enterprise Resource Planning platform.

System customisation's MUST also be kept to a minimum as configuration must be first and customisation  last only if a workaround is not sufficient.


Choose an Implementer who shows the enthusiasm about the product and can give instant solutions to show you how the product can be used to instantly enhance your business.

Also ensure said partner can provide a certification from a vendor as a third party reseller.

Grill the implementation partner to make sure their knowledge and experience matches your expectations

Your implementer should take the time to really understand your business and produce detailed business requirements based on your business process.


Expect a professional approach. Your implementer should not offer a more expensive solution when the package you have acquired has functionality that can be used.

Beware of costly integration.

Explore your implementer knowledge and have a road-map for your systems 5 years down the line. 

Mobile Integration, Document Management Systems, Embrace the digital and cloud age.

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TOP 5 Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning software selection TIPS
erpSOFTapp Website Admin
21 January, 2021
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