Why are ERP Implementations complex?

erpSOFTapp methodology guarantees successful projects

During an ERP implementation project the combination of improving data and processes alongside user adoption and matching to the software solution is challenging at best and has to be handled in a certain manner to guarantee success.

The bigger the client, the bigger the challenge.

Business As Usual "BAU" operations are still in progress at the same time.

No one on the client side and implementers side stops normal business and diverts all attention 100% to the project so an efficient manner of working with close project control is key.

Typically the minimum amount of departments a company will have to overhaul and change their current working practices will cover the areas below
  • Finance
  • Revenue generation -- Sales, Projects
  • Human Resources
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Customer Relationship Management

Personalities, Personnel, Project Management, Team Skill sets and Employee buy-in to the project goals all play a factor.

These are some of the the variables that have to be controlled and channelled in the correct manner to guarantee a successful implementation.

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