Why Odoo ERP?
Cloud ERP choose wisely
6 May, 2020 by
Why Odoo ERP?
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Odoo CMS - a big picture
The message is loud and clear to companies....Get a cloud ERP system.
It's not a question of if you should have an ERP it's now a matter of when.

Which ERP system should you choose?
SAP, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday, Odoo, SAGE X3, Infor..

A modern, mobile responsive cloud system is the best choice over the lifetime of the investment

ERP projects are complex and prone to a high failure rate by not reaching their objectives so alongside the decision to choose the correct software vendor, do not cut corners with your implementation partner either.

Why Odoo?
Odoo has functionality and features that has taken vendors such as SAP, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics and SAGE who are long term players in the ERP space longer to evolve into, simply because Odoo's architecture and speed of development for an ERP system is unmatched.

Odoo has managed to take over the middle ground as that rare beast which is a user friendly, business suite that encompasses multiple features such as in collaborative software, e-commerce, marketing, Point of Sale terminals in an ERP suite tailored for SME's.

Feature wise and cost wise there is simply not a better business suite in the marketplace for businesses around the world to use.

The origins of this are very clear due to Odoo ERP being the first mainstream opensource ERP system, which is still central to the origins.

The opensource movement has driven the software space and technology evolution to new heights over the last 2 decades and is a central theme of most software companies today.

Of the main native cloud ERP's that have been launched in the last 10-15 years the most modern and unencumbered by the legacy of prior versions developed with a central cloud native architecture from the outset are Workday, Netsuite and Odoo ERP.

Compare the pricing and features across these systems and other ERP's it's a no brainer why Odoo wins hands down.

Odoo empowers all businesses to have the ability to use a user friendly, feature laden and relatively low cost ERP platform.

You should be thinking of your ERP as the beating heartbeat of your company to ensure all operations across departments are running efficiently, throw in the evolution of the working environment with remote working and it's impossible to ignore

Find out more at www.odoo.com and www.erpsoftapp.com

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Why Odoo ERP?
erpSOFTapp Administrator
6 May, 2020
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