Why Odoo is the game changer in the ERP space
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Why Odoo is the game changer in the ERP space
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What is ERP?

If you run a business with various essential departments like accounting, customer resource management, human resource management and the multiple departments most businesses need. As with most businesses which are interconnected, employees in customer relationship management have recorded complaints of customers regarding the absence of a POS (e-payment) option when they make purchases but they would need to inform the manager who would then need to process the cost of purchasing POS which is largely on premise by the way, which means there’s no option for people purchasing online. You would need to go through an entire process of sharing information on file, walking from department to department and waiting to hand a file to someone.

Now consider how much time, resources and energy you’d save if there was some kind of technology in your organization which can help you get all this work done from your desk including an online payment purchase option with all your data in one place? That’s what ERP means and does. Enterprise Resource Planning as the name suggests, is a suite of applications used to plan, coordinate and streamline your business and department functions. Whether it is inventory management, time sheets, e-commerce or project management, an ERP system integrates your business data on the cloud and provides businesses easy access to the data from anywhere.

The ERP space Before Odoo

Before Odoo, ERP systems were dominated by the big vendors like SAP (SAP HANA, SAP Business One, Oracle (Peoplesoft, Fusion, JDEdwards, Netsuite) Microsoft Dynamics (Navision), Infor, SAGE (X3) all of which have evolved over the years from legacy systems via acquisition and developments to offer solutions in different vertical industries and multiple markets.
The big vendors have a technology stack that is licensed and "closed" from the application, middleware and database and invariably carry a high total cost of ownership (TCO) to the customer.
With more businesses embracing cloud ERP's, a market in its relative infancy in relation to the number of years the big vendors have been dominating the marketplace the vendors with the ability to move quicker due to its earlier adoption of SaaS (Software as a Service) are Workday (ex Peoplesoft), Netsuite (acquired by Oracle) and Odoo (Open Source origins). That does not mean SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Info do not have good cloud offerings, but the pace of innovation in their product set is quite slow in relation to the players who embraced the Software as a Service (SaaS) model earlier. 
Supporting legacy systems and evolving their client base to a new Saas technology was a high stake game which costs these companies billions in research and development to get right across the markets and industries they supported, the expensive nature of their products made it unaffordable for companies within the startups and SME space.
With releases and evolution sometimes taking over a decade to evolve, their technology set (as in the case of Oracle Fusion which has been in the works for over 10years) cost  a fortune and were only the preserve of over a 100 million revenue generating companies.

How is Odoo changing the ERP space?

In contrast Workday and Odoo have a modern SaaS offering and in the case of Odoo as the only open source vendor, it embraces the most modern and user friendly features such as social media apps and internet features such as messaging, collaboration and e-signature tools to aid remote work.
Due to Odoo’s yearly releases and continuous feedback into Odoo ERP from the community around the world the user experience is up to date. When it comes to costs, Odoo trumps all the competition with an unbeatable pricing point for a product which includes free upgrades to later versions of the software (unheard of in the industry)

The fact that Odoo allows its customers to use its software in the SaaS and has clear pricing for the licenses is another first in the industry. Go ahead try and search for pricing and the ability to try before you buy on any of the other ERP platforms (good luck).

With the pace of innovation and the demands businesses at all levels have either from being a startup to an SME - Medium company being able to commence and improve your operations in a cloud ERP is a must in the marketplace and with Odoo you have class leading product at the cutting edge of the evolution of businesses at an unbeatable price.

Well done Odoo!

And as the pace of innovation in all industries continues rapidly, businesses at the forefront of their markets must embrace the evolution of their industry segments as all around the world, the recent pandemic has reinforced the need to for companies to stay abreast of technology and ensure that your operations run in an optimal manner constantly.

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Why Odoo is the game changer in the ERP space
erpSOFTapp Website Admin
22 October, 2020
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