Implementation of an ERP system

by erpSOFTapp

10 Tips for a successful Implementation of an ERP system

Over the years your internal processes have morphed to adapt with your growth as a business. You have reached a stage that to further your growth you realise you need to improve your internal processes, modernise and inject new practices to underpin your growing business.

 Get it right and it could open the door to new markets and opportunities. 

Get it wrong and it could hand the first mover advantage to competitors and slow you down.


There are many key points to consider when undertaking an implementation program of this scale. It does not have to be a leap into the unknown.

Yes it might not be a world or process you are familiar with but you can get informed. 

These tips are borne out of over a decade of experience working for global firms on ERP transformation programs across various industries and countries and should help you make sure you have covered and considered some key points to help you undertake a successful transformation program