Odoo ERP + Owncloud DMS Integration

Every business faces the challenge of controlling business information held on paper documents. The control and access of this information is key to improving productivity within businesses and streamlining the flow of business information across the enterprise.

Having business information on hard copy promotes ineffective and inefficient practices and has far reaching consequences within businesses.

  • Access is restricted.

  • Important and pertinent information is not disseminated to everyone as required.

  • Locating documents is time consuming

Document Management Systems remove the limitations above and enchance the productivity of businesses by having the digital copies of documents to be accessible to users and controlled by access security.

  • Accessible remotely

  • Security controlled user access

  • Your business data stays private to your business in your personal cloud system

erpSOFTapp provides solutions to companies that combine the business improvements Odoo ERP business applications and a Document Management System can bring to improve productivity at an affordable cost.

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There are numerous document management systems in the market place that range in cost from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement and manage documents for an organisation. 

Having the right system in place to manage content in one place thats accessible and free decision makers to access the content in a secure and timely manner regardless of their location is vital to businesses.

The ability to access information in a content management system thats linked to individual business transactions is a powerful tool.

Linking an ERP system to a DMS system has benefits for any organisation and enables the ability to access content directly linked to transactions to see all the supporting documents either for historical purposes or decision making.