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We consistently implement corporate companies

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Odoo certified ConsultantS

We pride ourselves on ensuring that we give the best advice to our clients and our consultants are certified by Odoo to ensure we deliver a high quality service.

Gold odoo partner in Nigeria

Award Winning Consultants

Best Partner AFRiCA 2018, 2019

We focus on working with corporate clients across multiple sectors and have been recognised with the "Best Partner Africa" award for 2018 and 2019

First West Africa Gold Partner

We achieved Gold status in 2017 and have been consistent over the years to ensure our clients continue to receive a high quality service. We support clients on multiple continents.

Digital transformation with ERP systems implementation

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contract agreement

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Project delivery to time and Budget

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Odoo Awards Best Partner Africa

Odoo Awards Best Partner Africa


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Odoo Gold Partner

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erpSOFTapp is an Odoo Gold Partner and will empower your digitial transformation using Odoo ERP

With over 20 years of ERP systems implementation experience we choose Odoo ERP as it has a class leading lowest Total Cost of Ownership with keen pricing in comparison to other ERP systems.

Our knowledge and wealth of experience with ERP systems implementations will guarantee a successful delivery program.