With erpSOFTapp and Odoo  Business Applications

Why use erpSOFTapp?

Why Odoo Business Applications?

Implementation Expertise

We will work with you methodically to implement Odoo business applications. On time and on budget

Business Process Improvements

We will improve your business process by implementing best practice standards to enhance your productivity

Financial Compliance 

We implement Odoo business applications to be compliant with IFRS accounting standards

Multi Sector Industry Experience

We have implemented ERP systems with clients over 20 years. We are an experienced team across Business and IT

Cost Effective

Odoo is the most cost effective business sotware suite in the marketplace today

Great Value

Odoo delivers business applications with best of breed business processes at a lower total cost per user

No Licensing Fees, No User Limit

No Licensing fees, Odoo software is free when installed locally. You are free to amend to suit your business

Full Scalability

Install business applications quicky as your business evolves. 240 free applications

Governance and Compliance 

Odoo is a full multicompany, multicurrency system that can be accessed from all your locations.