Purchase Order Template 

 Odoo purchase module helps Odoo users to manage the purchase order process with just a few clicks. Instead of working with spreadsheets that take hours to complete, users can now go back to focusing on running their business, profitably.

By using Odoo for your purchase orders, you’ll be able to: keep track of all of your company’s purchases; improve your approval process through approval steps, and export purchase orders in multiple formats.

Purchase Order template

                         Purchase Order Template

Purchase order

This module lets you create purchase orders, receive goods and bill them automatically.

Purchase Order Template

Purchase reporting dashboard

The purchase reporting dashboard gives access to Purchase Order metric and comments from your vendors. It includes information about: the Negotiated Price, the Purchase Price and Lead Time, among others.


Purchase agreement

Purchase agreements provide an easy way of tracking purchase orders and RFQs based on predefined rules. They offer a way to automate some purchasing workflows, such as issuing RfQs and purchase orders based on minimum stock rules. 

Use this handy tool to manage your business expenses and keep track of your purchases.

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