Simple Inventory Template

There are many options that make working with inventory easier, but nobody else has the range of features and customisability that Odoo has.

Spare yourself the endless hours of struggling with inventory management. Odoo has been dramatically simplified and streamlined the inventory process. It’s now easier than ever to keep track of what you have and what you don’t. Odoo inventory is designed to fit the needs of your company. It automatically integrates with all the other modules: CRM, Sales, Warehouse, Purchasing and Accounting.

Simple Inventory Template

Inventory Dashboard

Odoo's inventory dashboard helps every business to track its activities and inventories. Managers will have a clear view of the different orders, stock quantities, moves and availability.

Simple Inventory Template

Inventory Replenishment

Efficient replenishment is critical to managing inventory effectively. Odoo provides a comprehensive set of analytical tools that allow you to accurately plan to restock and react quickly when it is time to replenish your inventory.

Simple Inventory Template

Inventory Reporting

When you want to know what products you have in stock, how much they are worth, and where they are in your warehouse, Odoo has answers. Create detailed reports with just a few clicks.

Odoo has your inventory covered!

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