5 Simple steps to start your Cloud ERP Journey
Digital Transformation is the key
18 April, 2020 by
5 Simple steps to start your Cloud ERP Journey
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Current world events have highlighted the reasons why digital transformation for businesses is a major topic that needs to be addressed urgently.

Without an Enterprise Resource Planning system central to your business your productivity, service levels and ability to react to your customers changing needs will be working with a handbrake on.

Throw in the mix the current situation for most businesses to work remotely and keep lights on and the implications for the long term is clear as to what needs to be tackled first to survive the business changing landscape.

The right Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning system should be the central point for collating all operations and reporting across your business operations otherwise you end up with too many disparate systems which create manual inefficient reconciliation procedures.

Here are five simple steps to guide you

  1. Prepare your business process requirements in-house before approaching an implementation partner.
  2. Evaluate and get demonstrations and tick off the software that meets your criteria for functionality, pricing, licenses, technical licensing stack- Get the most modern, mobile and ease of use platform you can afford. (Sap Business One, Workday, Netsuite, Odoo, Sage X3, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics etc).
  3. Empower your employees within departments to be part of the overall transformation, they have to use the system.
  4. Start working on the quality of your master data. This is your chance to cleanup and improve data quality as you embark on a new system.
  5. Evaluate your implementation partner and get references.

Start your Cloud ERP Journey
5 Simple steps to start your Cloud ERP Journey
erpSOFTapp Administrator
18 April, 2020
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