Can you afford to ignore digitisation
Drive your productivity gains
14 April, 2019 by
Can you afford to ignore digitisation
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
The tendency for companies to shelve the decision to implement a system as complex as an Enterprise Resource Planning system is a common one.

A well implemented ERP system will accelerate a companies growth and increase productivity by virtue of their very nature to encompass the business processes that drive a company.

At what stage does the decision to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning system become unavoidable?

  • Manual processes have become uncontrollable and a wide disparity between verifying information between departments is common place leading to an "increased overhead" of employee time and productivity slowdown?
  • Finance and Business data performance takes weeks to reconcile and confirm the actual state of the business, to give management accurate information to make decisions?
  • Embedding an ERP right into the evolution of your business case to address and implement processes¬† using best practice at each stage to maximise productivity as a continuous goal?

Invariably companies are at various stages of growth within their lifecycle before one of the points above triggers the drive to implement an ERP system

No longer should the reasons of expense be the main argument to prevent embarking on an Enterprise Resource Planning implementation due to systems like Odoo ERP which have disrupted the marketplace of the traditional vendors like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Sage, Infor etc by driving down the cost of ERP systems by at least 40 - 50% to give a class leading Total Cost of Ownership.

Improve your productivity in the digital age
Can you afford to ignore digitisation
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
14 April, 2019
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