Productivity with cloud ERP systems
Cloud ERP over hauls legacy solutions
17 March, 2019 by
Productivity with cloud ERP systems
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
Companies that have never used an Enterprise Resource Planning system before have to wade through a whole lot of options when evaluating different systems.

  • Product features
  • Cost (Implementation, Licensing)
  • Technical Platform Cost
  • User Friendliness
  • Modernity, Scalability, Ease of customising to match specific business need.
The main players in the ERP space today are SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Workday and Infor.

4 of these vendors built their products with the advent of modern cloud computing at the centre of their architecture to deliver a cutting edge technical platform unburdened by legacy back portability Workday, Infor, Netsuite and Odoo.

Odoo is the only vendor with an open source core at the heart of the solution to make the code accessible for anyone to evolve without an expensive software development license and the only vendor to offer upgrades to future versions priced in within the licensing cost.

More and more companies have realised the complexity of overblown software within the traditional players packages has kept the price of the software beyond the reach of many.

Find out how Odoo has disrupted the Enterprise Resource Planning space to deliver the fastest growing business software suite in the market place at a class leading Total Cost of Ownership and a modern user friendly interface to maximise your users adoption and increase productivity.

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Productivity with cloud ERP systems
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
17 March, 2019
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