Quicker, Faster, Cheaper
Productivity gains abound
16 February, 2019 by
Quicker, Faster, Cheaper
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
Quicker, Faster, Cheaper

With these drivers intrinsic to the overall pace of technological advance to improve and increase business productivity, central to the disruptive philosophy at the heart of Odoo ERP which drives the erpSOFTapp approach, there are still minimum requirements from clients when entering into an Enterprise Resource Planning implementation programme to enhance the chances of success.

1. Clearly defined scope
2. Processes documented or a commitment to business requirements gathering
3. Dedicated time for the clients project manager to lead from the front
4. Full buy-in from managers and employees to partake in the program
5. For much more established / older companies a formal RFP process backed by a full business requirements gathering internal process
6. Control change request within the program
7. Timely delivery of quality checked data.
8. Well structured internal change management process to break down barriers and resistance. One team approach.

Adhering to as many of these points increases the quality and success of any ERP implementation project.

Increase your company productivity
Quicker, Faster, Cheaper
erpSOFTapp, Deinde Johnson
16 February, 2019
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