The fear of the unknown
Tips to navigate the ERP minefield
3 February, 2018 by
The fear of the unknown
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Enterprise Resource Planning software selection


Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning system can make or break a company. It is important to get it right.
It is this fear of the unknown that has owners wary and sceptical about choosing the right product and partner.

Tier 1 - SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Workday.
Tier 2- Odoo, Netsuite(now Oracle), Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business one, SAGE X3.

To mitigate the risks here are some basic points to follow.

Choose the right ERP software - The choice you make will be an investment for at least 5 years, so choose wisely. Do not lock yourself into expensive licensing and software fees with high recurring maintenance costs. The Enterprise Resource Planning world is constantly evolving you do not need to choose an expensive product because of marketing and branding.

Prepare to review all your business process - Do not replace your old processes in a new system. Limit the customisations you want at the offset and roll these forward when you have a very clear direction if the fit gap reveals they are required. This aspect should be specified and made clear based on the knowledge of your implementation partner. 

Have a dedicated project manager - Play your part. Your project manager should be the interface between your internal team and your implementing partner. Being a project manager is not just about following the timeline. Get involved in the detail and make sure your department head is on-board with the direction. Rule number surprises.

Accessibility 24/7 - The world is shrinking, there is no reason why you should not have access to your system outside the office. It is not just the preserve of  big companies. A private network setup would enable secure access for your users anywhere in the world or a cloud system with the right security level.

The fear of the unknown
erpSOFTapp Administrator
3 February, 2018
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