What’s new in Odoo 14 Enterprise Resource Planning
New Odoo 14 features
5 October, 2020 by
What’s new in Odoo 14 Enterprise Resource Planning
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Over the past few days, Odoo held its annual Odoo Experience (a two-day unique learning and training experience) where it launched the latest version of its Enterprise Resource Planning Odoo 14. Anyone who was a part of the experience would attest to how amazing the new Odoo 14 features are. As a cloud based and open sourced Enterprise Resource Planning solution, Odoo really went all the way with this new version.

An overview of the new Odoo 14 Features

Odoo 14 CRM: 

In the latest Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Phone numbers and email addresses of opportunities can now be edited and shared to partners, it has a view called my activity were you can monitor activities in opportunities, leads with more management options, search bar improvements and lots more!

Odoo 14 accounting: 

The Odoo 14 accounting app now has an incredible artificial intelligence and document management feature that allows you to scan a vendor bill and capture all the information you might need to validate the vendor bill. This odoo 14 accounting feature also has artificial intelligence for expenses. This means you can now capture all expenses information including dates, amount and others just by taking a picture of the expense bill on your mobile device. The best thing about the artificial intelligence feature is that you can also integrate it with your own software. Isn’t Odoo the best?

Odoo 14 bank reconciliation tool: 

Most businesses have to balance their books by the end of every month. This is where the Odoo 14 bank reconciliation app comes in. The updated version can boost your productivity by helping you to import bank statements, process unrelated payments, and even create follow-ups for unreconciled payments.

Odoo 14 Inventory: 

The Odoo 14 barcode feature was the point of focus for the Odoo 14 inventory app. Odoo realized that the barcode feature in odoo 13 inventory did not allow for more connection of sales between different departments. The new barcode feature now has better batch picking which makes grouping items into different locations easier, keyboard shortcuts which makes pickings faster, a new cluster picking which allows you to put items into reusable boxes and a quick picking feature that allows you to quickly create pickings through the barcode interface and manually create internet transfers.

You can now also view the number of available products in place of reserved ones, have a small number of stock available and link locations with interim accounts from the product category easily. 

Odoo 14 Studio:

Odoo 14 studio is an app which allows you to build Odoo apps regardless of your programming skills or knowledge. In the Odoo 14 studio version, Odoo focused on usability and stability improvements. You can now customize menus items and search views to your liking, design address books, customize an avatar widget on a custom responsible field and choose from a preselection of options on available models.

Odoo 14 Website builder:

The Odoo 14 improved website builder now has some cool new features which allows users to build beautiful themes, compress and optimize images, add photo filters, adjust website theme colors, use adaptable illustrations which recolor themselves to users’ website color. It also has beautiful shapes for design.

Odoo 14 timesheets:

The Odoo 14 timesheets is used to track employee work hours from any device. In the Odoo 14 timesheets feature, you’ll be able to change the sales order time linked to your timesheets, use a timer in recording time spent on projects, transfer timesheets from one task to another, use hotkeys to launch the timer or add extra time on a given project or task. And, it can now be automatically validated!

There’s a whole lot of new and updated Odoo 14 Enterprise Resource Planning features now available and an enthusiastic Odoo community who’re always willing to solve whatever problem or answer whatever questions you might have.

What’s new in Odoo 14 Enterprise Resource Planning
erpSOFTapp Website Admin
5 October, 2020
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