Why it’s important for businesses to attend the 2020 Odoo Experience
Why is it important?
29 September, 2020 by
Why it’s important for businesses to attend the 2020 Odoo Experience
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The 2020 Odoo Experience is a two day event where members of the leading open source business software; (Odoo) community come together to discuss through workshops, new software functionalities and inspiring talks. Although it's held every year in Belgium, this year, Odoo has decided to adapt to the Post Covid normal by moving online.

Why is Odoo experience important?

It doesn't matter if you're a small scale or large business or if you're already a part of the Odoo community. The two day Odoo experience which will hold on Wednesday, 30th September to Thursday 1st October promises to provide real time solutions for your everyday business and enterprise needs. Sweet right?

As a suite of open source business applications that covers your everyday business needs like Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Warehousing, Inventory and a host of others, it prides itself on its seamless method of cloud integration, which saves you  staffing cost and synergizes your data across multiple departmental functions. Imagine not having to deal with or pay forgetful employees?

If these reasons aren't enough to push your curious buttons, here are five more reasons you should attend the 2020 Odoo Experience. 

Discover amazing Odoo ERP addons

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This year, as part of the 2020 Odoo experience agenda  Odoo CEO and founder, Fabian Pinckaers will announce some cool new Odoo addons as during the Odoo 14 launch. 

One Odoo ERP addon first presented in 2017 by David Corio, would allow users to design a 3D version of their warehouses which allows you to store the coordinates and location of your physical website. With this, you can view real time location data and identify various warehouse sections. Super cool right? We know!

Find out what's new in Odoo 14

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Join expert website editor, Stefano Rigano as he takes you through a class on designing breathtaking websites using the Odoo website creator app for businesses, clients and partners. During the Odoo 14 launch, Rigano promises to introduce you to combining shapes, color presentations, building blocks and website functionalities. So, no more boring or ill arranged odoo websites for you or your business! And other developer updates like Jeremy Kersten as he teaches on ‘The Right way to develop website and commerce features. It's all about helping you create classy, professional and unique websites for these two.

 New Odoo ERP demos you can try out

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  Research shows that online demos can be as beneficial as those held in classrooms. Learn about instant printing of reports or shipping labels, odoo delivery apps, advanced HRM appraisal systems, consolidated accounting and simplifying payrolls with work entries all in one day! Pheww! That's lots and lots of demonstrable content.

 Learn more about Odoo Erp

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If you're still confused about what software modules might be best for you, then this two day online conference is the best crash course which might answer your questions and guide you to choosing the right Odoo ERP software that'll suit your unique business and operations.

And if you're a Business in Africa? Be confused no more as we, on the erpSOFTapp team are here to answer your various business questions.

Meet and interact with the odoo community. 

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With a community of over 20,000 contributors and a wide network of partners with us at erpSOFTapp leading in Africa, Odoo has an extensive network of specialists and ERP experts who will be available to cater for your enterprise needs, whether it’s a small scale or large scale business.

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Agile Erp Implementations

Discover how erpSOFTapp consistently solves global business problems by implementing clients onto an Odoo cloud Enterprise Resource Planning system.

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Why it’s important for businesses to attend the 2020 Odoo Experience
erpSOFTapp Website Admin
29 September, 2020
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